Best Pie Iron Recipes: Awesome Pudgie Pie Recipes For Your Next Camping Trip

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Introduction To Pie Iron Recipes

Campfire: Pie Iron Recipes
Campfire: Pie Iron Recipes

The pie iron is a great way to get creative with your camping recipes. The possibilities are endless and the best part? You can cook them over an open fire! These Pie Iron Recipes for Pudgie Pies will have you ready for any backcountry excursion and camping trip.

The Best Pie Iron Recipes For Camping

There are so many available recipes for pie irons. A little creativity or a quick internet search will provide you with dozens of ideas (if not more) for meals, desserts, and snacks for your camping trip. Once you enter the world of pie iron/ pudgie pie cooking, you will want to plan every camping trip meal this way!!


Pizza Pie Iron Recipes
Pizza Pie Iron Recipes

Everyone loves pizza!! Pie irons make pizza super special. Gather around the campfire and make your pizza night fun and tasty!! These recipes will be sure to please all of your hungry campers!


Grab your coffee and start your day and your camping trip off right with these easy-to-make, filling, and yummy pudgie pie breakfast recipes!! You and your camping crew will be ready to tackle that river, hiking trail, or fun outdoor activity with these fantastic pie iron breakfasts!!


Pie Iron Sandwich Recipes
Pie Iron Sandwich Recipes

The middle of the day comes quickly. These sandwich recipes are easy, tasty, and guaranteed to make happy campers and keep you using your pie iron for years to come.

Tacos etc.

Pie Iron Tacos and More

With just a few simple ingredients, the whole family can participate in meal prep with these pie iron recipes. Make taco night engaging and fun!!


Pie Iron Dessert Recipes
Pie Iron Dessert Recipes

Nothing tops off a great day of camping better than a campfire and a sweet treat. Here are some ideas for pie iron/ pudgie pie desserts to satisfy your sugar cravings!!

Equipment Needed

Necessary Tools
Necessary Tools

You don’t need many items in order to make the above pie iron recipes. Get creative with what you have, or do a quick search on Amazon for some fun and easy options.

-Pie iron

These are great Pie Irons. They have fantastic ratings and come in at a reasonable price. They are available for purchase in a two-pack.

-Heat resistant gloves

You will need heat-resistant gloves when cooking over any type of open flame. The handles and mechanisms tend to get really hot. This will save your hands from any potential injury.


A Nylon brush will help you to coat your pie iron with oil. It is a great addition to your kitchen and a handy tool.


You will need vegetable oil to season your pie iron and to keep your foods from sticking.

-Measuring spoons

Measuring spoons are a necessity in any kitchen. These are needed to make sure that you fill the pies with the correct amount of tasty ingredients.

-A campfire

How else are you going to cook these fantastic meals and treats?!! Woo your friends with your cooking prowess. Cook them these fantastic recipes and show what a camping chef you really are!!


This is just silly not to include. No campfire is complete without wood. Please source your wood responsibly. Use local wood so as not to introduce new species of insects etc. into new areas.

Check out this article on kitchen organization!

Do You Need To Season Pie Irons?

How To Season Pie Iron
How To Season Pie Iron

Season a pie iron like you would a cast-iron skillet.

When you first get your pie iron, before using it for the first time, use a brush to coat both sides lightly with vegetable oil. This will help prevent them from rusting and make sure they cook evenly when being used on an open flame. Make sure to oil it with each use. It will become more seasoned with time.

The Best Time To Season Pie Irons

Once the pie irons have been used a few times, they will start to show some signs of rust. The best time to season them is when you see these rusty spots starting to appear and are in need of new seasoning. Take your brush again and coat both sides with vegetable oil to make sure it lasts for a long time.

Keep in mind that if you are planning on using your pie irons for camping, it is recommended to season them before going outdoors with them so they don’t get rusty from the elements outside.

Directions/ How to Use a Pie Iron

Instructions: How to use Pie Iron
Instructions on How to Use Pie Iron

Pie irons are fairly simple and easy to use. First, it is recommended that you heat them up over a campfire or using an open flame (keep in mind they will need time to cool down before opening).

Then take two pieces of bread for the sandwich recipe and put your ingredients inside as desired; place one half on top of the other and close the pie iron.

You can also use a pastry brush to lightly grease your bread before putting any ingredients inside.

Place Pie Iron directly over an open flame to cook the meal inside. You can rest it on the hot embers in the pit. Each fire has its own temperature. Use your intuition to let you know when to flip. Check the inside for a level of doneness. Flip regularly using heat-resistant gloves.

Cleaning Your Pie Iron

How To Clean Pie Iron
How To Clean Pie Iron

How do you clean your pie iron? This is a great question to ask. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or paper towel. Another option is to soak in hot water or lightly scrub with a nylon scrub brush. Place back in the fire to dry off. This will keep your pie iron in great shape and ready for your next gourmet pudgie pie meal or snack.

Important Tips for Pie Iron Use and Cooking

Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks

-Pie irons cook on an open flame so keep your eye on them and don’t leave them unattended while they are in use.

-Pie irons are not dishwasher safe; hand wash with gentle soap and dry off afterward.

-Never put any metal utensils inside of your pie iron or they will most likely damage the aluminum coating on it. Metal scratches can compromise the integrity of the pie iron, which may result in rusting.

-If you have a pie iron with an aluminum coating, don’t use any cooking sprays to prevent it from sticking or burning.

-Clean your pie irons after each use for the best quality and performance in future uses.

Conclusion To Pie Iron Recipes

Conclusion: Eating around a campfire
Conclusion: Eating around a Campfire

 Pie irons are a great way to cook and share food with friends. Whether you prefer savory or sweet, we hope these recipes will provide some inspiration for your next pie iron meal. We’ve also included tips on how to make the most of this handy cooking device! Which is your favorite?

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