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About RV Clubs and Memberships

What is a camping or RV membership? RV clubs or camping memberships are organizations that offer exclusive memberships for campers or RVers. They charge a chosen price in exchange for certain privileges.

The benefits range from discounted campground site fees to learning resources and access to certain amenities, events, and activities.  

Many outdoor enthusiasts jump at the opportunity to join one or many of the available camping and RV memberships or organizations. This allows them to gain access to savings on their camping adventures.

Which, if any, of the camping memberships are right for you? This article will review and analyze nine of the most popular memberships that are available today. 

When you are done reading this, you will be aware of the different types of camping memberships that are available, how much they cost, what types of benefits they offer, and the pros and cons of each. 

Do You Need A Camping or RV Parks Membership?

Depending on how you travel or how often you travel, you may or may not benefit from one or more of the below listed camping memberships. Some of them are geared more toward RV traveler or full time RVers while others can benefit even the occasional camper. The extra benefits offered by some of the campground memberships are mainly aimed toward full time travelers. 

Whether or not you will gain much from joining one of these organizations will largely depend on several different factors including your future travel plans. This guide aims to assist you in making the best personal decision for your needs and bank account. You must weigh the membership fees against the benefits offered.

RV Club and Camping Memberships

RV by the lake
RV Camping

1. Good Sam Club

a. Type of Membership:

Good Sam has several types of memberships available. The first is a savings rv club membership. The savings membership saves its members 10% at participating campgrounds. The second type of membership that Good Sam offers is an extended Warranty.

This program offers additional protection on your recreational vehicle purchase. The third type of membership is roadside assistance. This assistance will cover all of your road vehicles in case of emergency while traveling (including tires). 

b. Cost:

The cost of the Good Sam savings membership starts at $29 for one year. The extended warranty program largely depends on the year, make, and model of the recreational vehicle that you purchased. The roadside assistance program also depends on the number of vehicles that you own and what types. The amount of rv travel may also affect premiums. Quotes are available from a Good Sam representative. 

c. Benefits:

If you purchase a Good Sam savings membership, you will also have additional benefits of gas savings and retail shopping savings. They also offer propane discounts at certain locations. 

d. Pros:

Good Sam offers a ton of different types of amenities and services from insurance to credit and roadside service to discount memberships.

They know RV’s and offer just about everything that you, as an RV owner could need. This membership may also give you discounts for purchases at camping world!

c. Cons:

Some of the services seem disjointed. You need to call different numbers for different services. For instance, roadside service is a separate entity than their insurance. 

2. Thousand Trails

Thousand trails logoThousand Trails Logo

a. Type of Membership:

Thousand Trails is a camping discount membership. Thousand trails offers several types of rv club membership options that allow you to camp (mainly RV memberships) overnight for free. This “free” parking is of course after paying your annual fee. 

You, as a member, stay at a Thousand Trails park, in your assigned zone, for free, during your membership year. It is a great way to save money, making it one of the best rv campground memberships for those who travel full-time.

b. Cost:

The price of a basic membership to Thousand Trails membership club is approximately $615 per year. Many times you can find a discounted rate for this annual fee.

This fee covers just one zone or region. You can add more zones for additional fees. 

Memberships can be upgraded to add additional days, longer booking windows, and more zones. The trails collection adds tons of campground stay options. Upgrades to premium plans are good for lifetime. You are responsible for the annual fee. 

c. Benefits:

Thousand Trails rv membership gives access to RV sites, cabins and tent sites available. There are over 190 campgrounds available throughout the U.S. to stay at. They are fairly well kept and each campground has great amenities available.

Once your annual fee is paid, you are not responsible for any costs whatsoever. Just camp and pay nothing. This camping pass money saving benefit is almost too great to pass up.

d. Pros:

The best pro is that you can save a ton of money on camping fees and stay at some of the best campgrounds throughout the United States. 

e. Cons: You may have to move frequently. Reservations fill up quickly. If you want to stay at a popular place, you may not be able to get reservations. The upgrades can be quite pricey. 

  • To join click this link.

3. Passport America

Passport America logoPassport America Logo

a. Type of Membership:

Passport America is a discount camping membership.

b. Cost:

The cost to join Passport America is $44 per year. 

c. Benefits:

Passport America is associated with over 1450 campgrounds. When you are a member of this campground membership, you receive 50% off one night stay at an associated campground.

This membership pays for itself immediately. One night stay at some campgrounds equals the annual cost. It is a win-win situation.

d. Pros:

Passport America saves campers a ton of money as soon as you join. There is no limit to the amount of that you can use your membership card. There is a referral program in which you can earn money for referring new campgrounds. 

e. Cons:


4. Harvest Hosts

Harvest hosts logoHarvest Hosts Logo

a. Type of Membership:

Harvest Hosts is a savings type membership that allows its members to book one night stays at wineries, breweries, farms, golf courses, museums, and other unique locations for free (once annual membership fee is paid).

The locations, in most cases, do not offer water, electric or sewer hookups. The Recreational Vehicles must be self contained. 

b. Cost:

The cost for an annual Harvest Host membership is $79 per year. They offer military and government discounts. 

c. Benefits:

The best benefit of this membership is that it pays for itself after one stay. Members get to visit unique and beautiful places and meet new people.

The company only asks that during each stay you patron the establishment for which you are visiting. This helps the company maintain great relationships with its hosts. 

This specific rv club helps its members avoid high priced campground fees for a single night stay. Who doesn’t love to save money?

d. Pros:

Harvest Hosts is an affordable membership that gives RV’ers many locations and sites to visit and stay for free during their travels. 

e. Cons:

The cons for Harvest Hosts include the fact that most of the sites have no hook ups for RV’s, most hosts only allow one night bookings, and there are generally no amenities available. 

5. FMCA- Family Motor Coach Association

FMCA logoFMCA Logo

a. Type of Membership:

FMCA is a membership association that connects RV owners with other RV’ers. This club provides discount programs, meet ups, learning resources and more. 

b. Cost:

The cost to join FMCA is $85 per year. Discounts for membership are available if you sign up for multiple years. 

c. Benefits:

FMCA offers many benefits to its members. The first, among many benefits, is the opportunity to join the different chapters located throughout the United States. This allows members to create lasting connections and bonds with other like minded individuals. 

Other benefits include discounts on tires, access to wi-fi programs, a travel assistance program, roadside assistance, and their RV magazine. 

d. Pros:

The tire discount program and the internet programs are amazing and worth the annual price hands down. The benefits are well worth the minimal yearly fee that FMCA charges. 

e. Cons:

Some of the benefits are offered by other clubs/ organizations. If you don’t plan on using the benefits that FMCA offers, then the annual fee becomes just another bill that you are responsible for. 

6. Escapees

Escapees logoEscapees Logo

a. Type of Membership:

Escapees rv club is another club/ organization that is focussed on connecting the RV community and its members. It does have discount benefits that it offers to its members. 

b. Cost:

The cost to join Escapees rv club is a very reasonable annual charge of $39.95. 

c. Benefits:

The benefits of joining Escapees includes the option to join a mail forwarding service. This is a fantastic option that many full- time RV’ers are looking for and take advantage of. 

As mentioned previously, the main purpose and benefit of Escapees is connecting its members to the RV community. They schedule regular events and rallies. 

They have a roadside assistance program, an advocacy program, and several discount options including Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts. 

d. Pros:

With the very small annual cost for this membership, the benefits are huge. 

e. Cons:

None. However, with that said, if you don’t subscribe to the benefits of this membership, it is just another bill at the end of the year. 

  • To join click this link.

7. The Happy Camper Club

happy camper club logo
Happy Camper Club Logo
a. Type of Membership:

This club is a savings club. Save up to 50% at campgrounds located in the United States and in Canada. 

b. Cost:

The cost to join The Happy Camper Club is $39.99 per year. 

c. Benefits:

Besides receiving discounts at many camping locations in the U.S. and Canada, Happy Camper also offers other benefits. These benefits include a free trip planner, literature resources for RV’ers, and campground information and reviews. 

d. Pros:

The pros of this specific membership is that it offers discounts on campsites in Canada as well as the United States. The discounts offered are large. The annual cost for membership is low, which means that you will recoup your costs fairly quickly. 

e. Cons:

The only con for joining this membership is that the benefit list is much smaller than other available clubs and organizations. 

  • To join click this link.

8. Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome logoBoondockers Welcome Logo

a. Type of Membership:

Boondockers Welcome is a membership that is quite similar to Harvest Hosts in that members pay an annual fee in exchange for 1-3 nights stay on private properties. 

b. Cost:

The cost to join Boondockers Welcome is $50 per year. 

c. Benefits:

The benefits of joining Boondockers Welcome include the ability to book and stay at over 2700 unique locations across the United States for free (once your membership is paid for). 

d. Pros: The main pro for joining Boondockers Welcome is the opportunity to stay for free at many different locations. This saves RV’ers a ton of money in comparison to paying full fees at other types of campsites. 

e. Cons:

If you do not have a self- contained RV, or are not interested in boondocking, this membership is not for you. 

  • To join click this link.

9. America The Beautiful Pass

America The Beautiful Pass
America The Beautiful Pass
a. Type of Membership:

This membership is slightly different than the other memberships listed above. The America The Beautiful Pass gives its members free access to United States national parks, wildlife refuges, grasslands and BLM (bureau of land management) properties. 

b. Cost:

The cost for the America The Beautiful Pass is $80 per year with discounts available for Military and Seniors. 

c. Benefits:

This is a fantastic option for all outdoor lovers. It allows you access to all of the beauty that our great country has to offer. It also gives you a fantastic discount of 50% off camping rates at national parks. 

d. Pros:

If you plan on visiting any of the beautiful national parks in the United States during your travels, this pass is a must have. This pass can be used for two people!!

e. Cons:

Absolutely none

  • To find out about membership, click this link.


Gif: making a campfireFun with camping

There are many campground memberships to choose from. This list was just the tip of the ice burg. The good news is that you don’t have to choose just one. Try them out, see which ones work best for you. There are many money saving opportunities out there. As you travel and increase your mileage, you may find that your needs change. 

Each specific RV club camping membership and organization has distinct benefits and offerings. It is always great to know what is out there and have that knowledge for when you need it. 

Enjoy your camping and RV time. Take advantage of these wonderful benefits and membership options and enjoy the outdoors. We will see you out there. 

What are your favorite RV clubs, camping memberships, and organizations? What benefits do they offer? Have you joined a club that you didn’t use? 

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Ultimate Camping Chair Review: 16 Chairs on Amazon


Camp chairs, two people with wine
Great Camping Chairs

There are a plethora of choices that exist when it comes to purchasing camp chairs nowadays. You can purchase a chair with all of the bells and whistles or a simple item to perch your hiney on. Whatever you are looking for, Amazon has the perfect camp chair for you. Welcome to the ultimate camping chair review.

After you spend a wonderful day out venturing in the great outdoors, there is nothing that you deserve more than a comfy and safe place to rest your body. A great camping chair is a must purchase for every camper. This is true whether you are an RV’er, tent camper, or you are hiding out in a rustic cabin for the week. 

The outside is where you want to be at the end of the day. Picture yourself sitting by the fire and roasting a marshmallow with your friends and family. This is very difficult to picture if you have nothing to sit on. 

This is where the ultimate camping chair review comes in. After reading, you will have a much better understanding of the types of camp chairs that are available, what you will need for your specific purposes, and the price range of available chairs.  

Considerations When Purchasing a Camp Chair: The Ultimate Camping Chair Review

Camping Chair review infographic

1. Durability

You must pay attention to durability when looking for a great camping chair. Look at the materials that make up the chair. Will it withstand outdoor elements? If you plan on using your new purchase for multiple camping trips, it is wise to invest in a camping chair that will last. Don’t purchase the $10 flimsy chair from the convenience store.

2. Materials

The base of your camping chair can be made from many different materials including (but not limited to) wood, plastic, or aluminum. This materials used will affect the durability and weight of the camp chair as well as how small it will fold for storage. 

The seat can be made from wood, metal, or vinyl. The better quality chairs will withstand weather changes, rust, rips and outdoor damage. These are important factors to consider when deciding on your purchase.

3. Weight

The weight of the chair may be a factor for you when you are camping depending on what you plan to use it for. Do you plan on taking the camp chair with you to the beach or on a hike? If so, a lightweight chair would be a great choice. 

If you are driving with a heavy load to your campsite, the overall weight of your packed items will be of great consideration. Each item adds up. A lower weighted camping chair may be of great importance to you. 

4. Capacity

Person falling out of chair

Broken Camping Chair

5. Extras

Does your camp chair have storage packet on the back? Does it have a cupholder? Many camping chairs that are available for purchase come with very nice added extras. These include, but are not limited to, foot rests, padded coolers, speakers, and more. If extra features are important to you, you will want to make sure to look for chairs with the necessary extras. 

6. Portability

Just as the weight may be an important consideration when it comes to usability and travel, portability may be a factor when choosing the right camp chair. How small does the chair fold when not in use? Does it come with a storage bag? 

Just as important as portability is ease of set up. If the chair disassembles into a small pack but, is difficult to put together and take apart, it may be a discouraging factor when deciding on your purchase. It is important to read the reviews on each possible camping chair purchase. Amazon is a great place to read customer reviews for possible purchase.

7. Price

One thing that most people find important when looking to buy anything is the price of the item. How much will the camp chair cost? With all of the possible options and types of chairs that exist, there is a large range of prices that exist as well. 

Be sure not to substitute quality for a lessor price. 

8. Comfort

Comfort is king, or so the saying goes. It is Difficult to determine comfort level of a camp chair without being able to try it first. This is one of the reasons that Amazon reviews should be perused. Make sure to pay attention and read what others have said about the camping chair that you are interested in purchasing.

You may find that you cannot be comfortable without certain armrests, or the right amount of cushioning. Height of the chair may be an important factor in your comfort. In brief, take all of the aforementioned qualities into consideration when reviewing the different types of chairs that are available for purchase. 

Best Camp Chairs For Purchase on Amazon: Review of Camping Chairs

camp chairs by the beach

Here is a list of some of the best camp chairs that Amazon has available for purchase. 

Compact Folding

  1. Trekology Yizi Go is a compact folding camp chair that is lightweight, durable and is additionally to set up. This chair weighs in at only 2 pounds. It has fantastic reviews and sells for $39.99. 

  1. Cliq Portable Camping Chair is a bit more pricey. It is built with airplane grade aluminum for durability and longeviety. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs and folds down to the size of a water bottle. This awesome chair weighs in a just under 4 lbs. It assembles fast, has great reviews and comes in at $89.99.

Zero Gravity Camping Chair

  1. The Amazon Basics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair is a fantastic deal for just $64.49. It has received 4.5 stars out of 5 in the reviews. This chair has a bungee support system and a maximum capacity of 200 lbs. It is built with a steel frame and is weather resistant. 

2.  Phi Villa Zero Gravity Adjustable Lounge chair has added comfort padding, more adjustment settings, and a nice table with cupholder. This chair is both weather resistant and rust proof. Also, it boasts a weight capacity of 300 lbs and can be purchased for a reasonable price of $119.99. 

Rocking Camp Chairs

  1. Timber Ridge Catalpa Relax and Rock Camp Chair is a bargain price of $44.99, is rated 4 out 5 stars, and has a max weight capacity of 250 lbs. It folds down nicely and comes with a carrying bag. 

2. GCI Outdoor Firepit Rocker is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, has a cup holder for your beverages, and is built with a powder coated steel frame. It is weather resistant, holds up to 250 lbs, and has arm rests for those who appreciate that feature. This chair can be purchased for $64.99. 

Swing Camping Chairs

  1. Yu Xin Reclining Camp Chair is built with aluminum alloy. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs and disassembles to a manageable and portable size/ weight. This chair was created using durable vinyl materials. It reclines and swings. This chair comes in at the price of $135.99.

2. Nemo Stargaze Camp Chair is the top of the line and best camp rocker available. It has great reviews of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. This chair reclines and rocks. In addition to it’s cool features, The Stargazer is built with quality materials and is a total of 7 lbs when transporting. The Nemo Stargaze is available for purchase at $219.95. 

Beach Camp Chairs

  1. Pacific Pass Low Profile Beach Chair comes with carry bag and has fantastic reviews. This chair has a reasonable price of $29.99. This chair has a cupholder for your beverages and folds down for carrying purposes. The total carrying weight is 6.5 lbs and it has a holding weight capacity of 250 lbs. 

2. KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair has a 4.5 star rating out of 5. This chair has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs and folds down to a carrying weight of 6.5 lbs. It has a cupholder and padded armrests for comfort. This chair is available for purchase for $49.99. 

Classic Camping Chair

  1. Quick Chair Folding Portable Camp Chair is available for purchased for the bargain price of $23.70. This chair has a very simple design with 225 lb weight capacity. It is simple to assemble and disassemble. It comes with a carry bag and has a cupholder in the armrest. This chair has very good ratings of 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

2. Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair is a bit more luxurious in that it has extra padding for comfort, cup holder and lumbar support. Even though this chair has a 450 lb weight capacity, it is still a lightweight chair that weighs only 13.2 lbs. The Alpha chair is built with durable materials and has fantastic reviews. This chair is available for purchase for $65.99. 

Double Seater Camp Chairs

  1. Trademark Innovations Loveseat Camp Chair has a simple design and a reasonable price of $41.56. This chair has great reviews of 4.5 stars out of 5. It is made of polyester material and was built with a steel frame. It’s carry weight is just over 9 lbs and has a maximum weight capacity of 485 lbs. 

2. Timber Ridge Cedar 2 Person Loveseat Camp Chair is a luxurious two seater camp chair. It has side tables with cupholders, padded armrests and is made with durable materials. This chair folds easily, has great ratings and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. This chair can be purchased for $104.22. 

Stool Camp Chairs

  1. Travel Chair Slacker Chair is a simple and basic camp stool that can be purchased for $17.99. It weighs only 2.2 pounds and supports up to 275 pounds. This stool is built with ripstop fabric and has a reinforced frame. It has great reviews and it simple to transport. 

2. GCI Outdoor Pack Seat Tripod Stool can be purchased for $21.37. This stool has fantastic reviews, is easy to transport, and is built with an aluminum frame. This chair weighs a super low weight of 1.3 lbs and can hold up to 250 lbs. 


In Summary, camping chairs are a must have item when planning any type of outdoor trip or vacation for you and your family. Now that you are aware of all of the different types of chairs and what to consider when shopping, you are prepared to make your decision. You know what to look for and you have read the reviews of the top 16 camping chairs available on Amazon. Get out and enjoy the outdoors with the proper provisions. We will see you out there!

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VIPKid vs Qkids: The Supreme Guide To Online Teaching Jobs

Online teaching
Online Teaching

Introduction To Qkids vs. VIPKid Online Teaching

With remote work rising in popularity, it should be no surprise that more people are looking into online teaching jobs as a way to earn a paycheck. Two of the most popular online English teaching jobs are with QKids and VIPKid. 

These two platforms offer contracted employment teaching English to foreign language speakers over the internet. These companies are both highly rated and recommended. Should you work for VIPKid or Qkids?

This article will discuss the major differences between the two and some of the pros and cons of each. You will learn all that you need to know to make your employment decision easier. You will have all of the tools that you need to move forward with your new teaching career. 

VIPKId vs QKids online teaching infographic
QKids vs. VIPKid

Requirements For Landing Online Teaching Jobs

QKids and VIPKid English learning programs both have different requirements and qualifications for their contracted teachers.

1. Degree

To work for either company, you will need to possess a Bachelor’s degree in any field. Your degree must be from an accredited University.

2. Experience

To be considered for employment, every candidate is required to have experience working with children in some capacity. Experiences can include homeschooling, tutoring, camp counseling, coaching, or any other type of mentoring position.

3. Certificates

QKids and VIPKid require a TESOL or TEFL certificate. VIPKid grants their candidates a certificate training class. Qkids requires that applicants attain training on their own. 

4. Supplies and Internet Requirements

A high speed internet connection is absolutely important. To be hired, you must poses a reliable internet connection, a noise- cancelling headset, a quiet place to teach, and a background that is learning friendly.

5. Native English Speaker

To be considered for a contract by either company, you must be a native English speaker. 


QKids Koby and Momo
QKids Characters

Within the realm of online work, English online teaching jobs pay well in comparison to other at home work opportunities. QKids and VIPKid are similar in pay range with slight differences. 

1. Base Pay

VIPKid has a starting base rate of $7.50 per class. Each class is 25 minutes in length. This puts the hourly rate at $15 to start before bonuses. 

QKids has a starting base rate of $8 per class. Each class for QKids is 30 minutes in length. This puts the hourly rate at $16 per hour before bonuses. 

2. Bonuses


VIPKid offers short notice classes. A short notice class is one that is booked within 24 hours of its start time. You, as a teacher, receive a $2 bonus per 25 minutes, for each class taught in this manner. This allows you to reach up to $19 per hour. 

VIPKid offers premium pay for completing a certain amount of classes per month. These incentives allow you to earn up to an additional $3 per class depending on how many classes you teach. 


QKids offers $4 for each standby class. This allows teachers to earn a possible $8 per hour for simply standing by and remaining logged into the computer for a short time. A full class payment is earned if a lesson is taught.

Teachers can earn an additional $1 per class if they receive positive feedback from parents of the students. This can equal up to $18 per hour. 

With QKids, if you teach 15 or more classes per week, you will earn an additional $1 per class, taking your hourly wage to $20 per hour. 

An incentive that both companies offer is the $100 referral bonus. The referral bonus is paid when the qualified referral is hired and teaches a class.

VIPKid Logo


How do the hours work at each company? Is there a minimum number of work hours per week that each company requires? Can you make a full time paycheck? 

1. Minimum

With QKids, you will need to be available for 6 hours per week. This is equal to teaching 12 classes. You need to be available for the minimum hours, you will not be penalized for teaching less during the week.

Taking personal days and vacations are allowed and encouraged. The teacher can contact the class coordination team and their coach to take time off without affecting future contracts. 


VIPKid does not have a minimum weekly work requirement. You, as the teacher, can schedule your class time slots, as you wish and as you are available. You may work as little or as much as you desire (during the available time slots).

2. Times

Most of the hours for teaching for both of these companies are based on Beijing, China hours. The majority of the students are in China. 

QKids has approximately 2.5 hours per day available for teaching time slots. The available hours are split up between morning and evening (China hours) for students to attend around their school schedules. 


Weekends have an additional 3 hours available per day. Summer and other vacation times have increased teaching opportunities. 


VIPKid has teaching time slots open all day and throughout the night. Be mindful that when you are opening class time slots, that classes are less likely to be booked during the children’s school hours.

Ready to teach. Headphones. Backdrop. VIPKid

Hiring Process

The hiring process to work as an English teacher for QKids and VIPKid are quite rigorous. It can be time intensive as well. There are many videos on YouTube with tutorials and tips that will assist in helping with the undertaking. Current teachers highly recommend that interested applicants do research before submitting an application. 

1. Application

The initial application is a simple form with your basic information. Fill out the online form with demographics, experience, and degree information. 


The initial application for QKids requires that you send in a resume, experience, availability and a short video. The video will consist of the applicant reading a children’s book to the camera. 

2. Demo or Mock Class
Online teaching set up with supplies.
QKids/ VIPKid preparation and tools

In this step you, as the applicant, will read some information on the platform and study how the classroom slides work. A short quiz is followed by teaching a slide or two of an English lesson.


During Demo 2, of the application process, you will be given information about the classroom and the applications used by Qkids. You will meet, virtually, with a coach, answer a few questions, and demonstrate that you understand the items within the virtual classroom.

3. Interview or Mock Class 2

After you have successfully passed the first demo class, you will be asked to teach a mock class to a mentor. The mentor will pretend to be a student (approximately aged 5). You will have the opportunity to display your teaching skills and knowledge of the slides and teaching platform.

Applicants are, on occasion, required to repeat the demo process after receiving notes.


If you have passed the first phase of the interview process for QKids, you will have a demo interview 2 with a coach. You will need to teach slides to the coach in this demo. Be sure to understand how all of the games and interactive slides work. It will be important at this stage. 

**QKids requires you to teach trial classes to actual students after passing Demo 2. After passing this stage of the application process, a contract will be offered.

Teaching English Online

VIPKid classroom Lesson on "Going Places"
VIPKid classroom slide

1. Classes


Classes with VIPKid are 25 minutes long. The classes are with one student and you, the teacher. There are approximately 10 slides with focus words and vocabulary. You will need to have props and be able to work with students on extension. 

There is a lot of freedom and creativity involved in teaching with VIPKid in comparison to QKids. The teacher will need to prepare and create unique reward systems to implement while in the virtual classroom. This gives you a bit more control over your lesson time. 


Classes with QKids are 30 minutes long with an additional expectation of a 3 minute introduction period. There are approximately 25 to 30 slides per class with this platform. 

Teachers should expect to teach 1 to 4 kids per class. The classes are very interactive and engaging. There are many games for the students to participate in. The games are learning based and easy for the teacher to master.  

2. Preparation


Some preparation is necessary before teaching the scheduled lessons with VIPKid. It imperative to look at the class slides prior to attending. It’s also important to gather educational props to assist the students with learning. 

Props for learning include a white board, rewards (stars etc), flash cards, virtual tools, puppets, and more. There are a ton of resources available to cut preparation time down and to keep organized. Facebook groups are abundant and assist in finding all needed resources. 


Little to no preparation is neccessary prior to teaching a class with Qkids. Everything required to complete and execute each lesson is available in the online classroom . You will follow the slides and use the online tools. In this way, QKids is a much easier platform to start with. 


Working QKids classroom screen.

Most of the students for both of these platforms are children from China. The ages range anywhere from 3 to 14. 

Some students have little to no exposure to the English language when attending a class. Some have conversational skills. 

Both platforms evaluate the students for placement into the proper class level. You will start out by teaching certain levels. You can gain certification in more levels the longer you teach with the company. 

Scheduling and Booking

The biggest issue facing new contractors is scheduling enough classes to earn a decent paycheck. Can you work enough to pay your bills? 


With VIPKid, it may take a while to build credentials and reach new levels of certification. What certifications a teacher possesses, is important when parents choose a teacher for their child. The parents are responsible for booking the teachers of their choice, It is important to market yourself appropriately. Make sure that you teach quality lessons to gain recurring students. 

One way that teachers begin to get bookings from parents is to get certified as a trial teacher. Parents sign their child up for a trial class with VIPKid, if they like you, they will likely continue to book you for future lessons. 

The bonus here is that for every student that signs up, you receive an additional $5 for the trial class. 

It takes a while to build up a fully booked class schedule with this platform. It is completely doable with a little bit of elbow grease and some patience. 


QKids does their scheduling a bit differently. As a new teacher, it is a requirement to submit the hours you are available to teach. You may update your availability as regularly as you desire or need.

All classes are booked for you by the company. This means that you won’t likely have regular students. You will have a full schedule of classes once you prove that you are a reliable teacher. 

The longer you teach with QKids, the more they fill your requested schedule. QKids also encourages further training to begin teaching advanced lessons and other types of classes. 

After teaching for some time, your coach will invite you to teach new and alternative classes. The more lessons that you are certified to teach, the more likely you are to fill your schedule. 

Scheduling/ booking is one of the biggest differences between QKIds and VIPKid. 

Training and Advancement

Both QKids and VIPKId platforms offer many opportunities for teachers to advance their skills.


Other opportunities for advancement at VIPKid include becoming a mock class instructor or a mentor. If chosen for a promotion to these desired positions, you will earn a pay increase.

Cancellation Policies

QKids and VIPKid have very different class cancellation policies. It is important to know the policy of the company before cancelling or not attending one of your scheduled classes. 


Once a class is booked, you as the contractor, are expected to login and teach it. If you become ill, or experience an emergency, the company will request documentation. Failure to follow these stipulations will result in a monetary penalty.

Missed classes for any reason, other than the above mentioned reasons, will result in a “no show.” This will result in a fee on your next paycheck.

If a class is cancelled and there is not an appropriate reason, you will also be charged a fee. If you have too many incidents of missed classes and you will likely not be offered a consecutive contract.


QKids cancellation policy is much more forgiving. Cancellations can be made up to five hours prior to the start time without penalty. If you “no show” to one of your scheduled classes, are late, or miss the class for some reason, it will result in a bad mark on your record.

Too many missed, late, or no show classes will result in your contract not being renewed. 

It is also important to note that problems with your internet could result in a missed class. This is why it is super important to have a back up plan for internet and to always have reliable service available. 

Contracts For Online Teaching Jobs

If you are hired with either company, you will be offered a six month contract. After achieving a stellar teaching record with VIPKid or with QKids, you will continue to be offer contract renewals. 

You, as the teacher, have the right to end the contract at any time. Be sure to read the entire document. 

Online teaching
Online Learning


Remote work is on the rise. Employment that you can engage in right from your home is highly desirable. If you have the skills and educational requirements, QKids and VIPKid online teaching jobs may be perfect options for you. 

Now that you are aware of the existing differences between these two very popular online teaching jobs, you are ready to start the hiring process. 

Please use referral this referral link for QKids https://teacher.qkids.com/ref?code=WHXYZJ 

Use this referral link for VIPKid https://www.vipkid.com/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=8272eb726ed9ffd90383121cb5a715a6&refereeId=43156956&channel_id=copy_link_pc. 

Good luck and Happy Teaching!! 

For more remote work possibilities check out this article!!

Campground Etiquette: 14 Recommended Rules


A Nice Campsite

Camping is one of the best and most treasured activities of summer. Whether you are an RV or tent camper, there are some camping etiquette rules to live by in every campground. Here is a list of the top 14 camper rules that all outdoorsy, pleasure seeking campers should be aware of and adopt.


1. Does Running Late Count As Exercise? (Don’t Be Late)

Plan to arrive at the campground on time. Most resorts and campgrounds have specified arrival times available and listed on their websites. The reason for this is that other campers do not want to be awaken in the middle of the night to the sounds of you setting up camp. This can be hammering in tent stakes, or hooking up your RV. It is not fair to those around you. If you cannot make it before dark, plan to arrive and set up the following day so as not to disturb other campers. 

2. This Is A Self-Cleaning Campsite: Clean Up After Yourself

Pick up Trash

Campgrounds and Rv resorts are generally located in rural and/ or wooded areas. The scenery is beautiful and natural. It is important that we, as visitors, keep it this way. Use sustainable items. Recycle when appropriate and leave no trace of your visit. Clean up after yourself. 

3. The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of…Nothing Because It’s Quiet Time

Most campgrounds have set a specific time frame as quiet hours. During this time, it is not appropriate to play outside music, talk loud, or do anything else that will disturb your camping neighbors. They may be sleeping. Whisper when outdoors. Keep all noise down to a minimum. Everyone around will appreciate this!

4. If A Dog Poops in a Campground…Yes, People Will Step In it. Clean Up After Your Pet.

Dog Business

There is nothing better than camping with your furry friends. Make yourself aware of the campground rules before bringing Fido or Mr. Meows-a-lot along. Sometimes there is a limit to the number of animals that you can bring. The campground may request a deposit, fee or proof of immunizations. Always keep your dogs on a leash. Clean up after ALL pet messes. This is one of the most complained about problems in campgrounds today. If you want to maintain the privilege of traveling with your best friend, make sure that you are following all of the rules. 

5. Turn Down Your Lights!! They Are Too Loud!!

Bright Lights

Some modern day RV’s have cool neon lights and features that shine bright into the night. They look super cool. Sometimes these lights shine directly into the bedroom windows of other campers. This is not a friendly gesture. Make sure that all of your lights (even flashlights) are never pointed into your neighbor campsites. This could be very disturbing to others. 

6. Early To Bed, Early To Rise…Just Kidding. Go Back To Sleep!

If you are an early riser, be sure to mind the quiet hours. Don’t get up and assume that everyone else in the campground is ready to talk story around the campfire at a deafening volume. Don’t start playing your music. If you have to pack up and leave during quiet hours (some campgrounds will not allow this), be mindful of your noise and where you point your headlights. 

7. Keep Your Loud Over There

Even during “regular” noise hours, be sure to note how your sound carries. Is your music too loud? Are you yelling? Or partying too loud? It is important to invite your neighbors to party with you. Just kidding. Just be mindful of how much noise is coming from your campsite. 

8. This is My Campground Space. This is Your Campground Space. Let’s Cha Cha.

Another thing to be aware of is the location of your site and where other sites are. It is considered rude to walk through other people’s campsites. It is akin to walking through someone’s front lawn to get to your house. Just don’t do it unless you are invited. 

9. Please Don’t Smoke, We’d Rather Die Of Natural Causes.

Some campers are especially sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke. Even though you are outdoors, the smoke can carry into your neighbors site (tent or RV). This can cause problems. Many campgrounds have sites that are very close to other sites. Be sure that you are not sharing your cigarette with the neighbor children inadvertently. 

10. Don’t Go To Sleep Before Your Fire

If you plan to have a campfire, be sure to stay with it. This means that someone needs to watch it at all times. Don’t go to bed and leave it burning. Make sure that you put the fire to bed before you go to bed. When purchasing wood for your fire, be sure to buy firewood that is local. Don’t bring your own. This can damage the eco-system by introducing new insects and other items.

11. Drive Slow: Drunk Campers Crossing

Drunk Camper

Many campgrounds have a posted speed limit that is lower than 10 miles per hour. Some as low as 5. This makes sense when pulling a rig. The main reason is that there are many people walking around, there could be children playing, or animals roaming about. Another reason for this is that the roads are not built for high speeds either. Be safe. Slow down and watch out for each other. 

12. Children Left Unattended Will Be Fed Junk Food and Red Bulls

Your Kid After RedBull

Camping is one of the best family activities and it makes for a fantastic childhood memory. If you travel with young children, make sure that they are aware of and understand these campground rules as well. You don’t want your kids randomly wandering through other people’s campsites. You want their safety and the respect of the neighbors. Mind your children’s whereabouts and their behavior. 

13. I Will Lend You A Hand But, I Will Need It Back

Campers and RV people are some of the coolest people you will ever meet. Get to know the fellow travelers that surround you. If you see someone backing in that needs some help, lend a hand. If you see someone struggling with carrying wood, or setting up a tent, lend a hand. This is the best way to feel community where you are staying. Who knows? Maybe you will get invited to that cool party that we discussed earlier. 

14. Catch a Wave And…You Get The Idea

The camp wave is one of the coolest things about campgrounds. It is not necessarily a rule. It is more of a custom. When people drive by, put on your best smile and throw up a wave. Keep the campground friendly!!


Now that you have the unwritten rules and campground etiquette, you are ready to conquer the campground. Enjoy the lakes, trees, and weird little wild animals running around (no…not talking about the campers). Get your camp wave ready and we will see you out there!! 

Please leave a comment with your favorite campground rule!! Thanks for reading Subscribe and Share!!

10 Experts Share Their Favorite Travel Tips For New RV Owners


Caravan car travels on the highway.

Here are the best new rv owner travel tips!! Purchasing your first RV is a big deal! Your head is in the clouds, dreaming of the great places that you soon will be visiting. The campfires, the new adventures, and beautiful scenery are all waiting for you. Traveling is amazing. You get to meet new friends and see all of the places that you have ever wanted to see. 

Soon after you purchase your vehicle, you start to realize that there are some challenges to this lifestyle. There are new things to learn such as how to park, how much to pack, which roads to drive, how to organize, and much more. The goal of this article is to tap into the years of experience that other RV’ers have and share the best tips for traveling to add to your toolbox. Soak up the advice and get out there and enjoy your travels!!

Meet the experts that will be contributing their tips!

RV Expert infographic
Meet the Experts

Expert Travel Tips

  1. Chickery’s Travels

One thing we recommend to all new RVers is to take your time. When you set out on a new and exciting adventure, it is natural to want to rush and see it all! However, the great thing about full-time travel is that you can slow down and truly enjoy the journey. Don’t be on such a tight schedule that you don’t have time to savor the unexpected gems that you will come across in your travels. Some of our favorite destinations in over six years of full-time travel were ones we had never heard of before we stumbled across them. An additional benefit of staying longer at a location is that you can save money as well. Most privately owned campgrounds offer discounts for extended stays including weekly and monthly rates. 

Our second tip is about budgeting. Thinking about money isn’t nearly as exciting as dreaming of all the destinations you’ll visit. It is necessary though. One of the biggest mistakes new full-time RVers make is to live like they are on vacation: dining out all the time and spending a lot of money on entertainment or fancy RV resorts. This behavior will blow the budget in no time. Instead you should practice mindful spending by taking some time thinking about what experiences are really important to you.

Creating a full-time RV budget can be difficult because many blogs and YouTube videos on the topic only cover the top items like campgrounds and fuel. There is so much more to it. Living a debt free life while traveling full-time and continuing to invest in our future is something we are passionate about. That is why we created a program called Full-Time RV Finance where we share how to budget, save on expenses, make money, and pay off debt while living and traveling in an RV.    

2. LivinRVision

The best advice we could give for a travel tip, is to not be in a rush, thinking you have to go as fast as you can from one place to the other. Take your time and soak up your surroundings.

When traveling, we like to break up a trip that may be only even 4-8 hours long into two days. we find a place along the way to stop and enjoy and spend the night – most of the time that is dry camping. We find either a Harvest Host place to check out or some sort of historical site or maybe even an eating place that has really good reviews.  We found that it makes traveling less stressful and more enjoyable.  

Also, when traveling, whether you’re in a motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer, 62-63 mph seems to be that “sweet-spot” where you not only get the best mpg, but you will also notice that it feels much more safer – and it is.  Don’t be in a rush to get to your next destination…take your time, you will be glad you did.

3. LiveLaughRV

Whether you’re a full-time RVer, weekend warrior, or you’re heading off on an extended RV trip, planning out meals and snacks will be a lifesaver for your budget and your health. Just like we want our RVs to run optimal by using quality fuel, we need to fuel our bodies properly for optimal performance.

When it comes to food and beverages this is the one area that I encourage overpacking. Stock up on as much as you have room for because the closer you get to a National Park or other tourist attraction the fewer stores there are plus products tend to be more expensive along with fewer selections. By jotting down a list of meal ideas for the week, I can stock up on supplies at my home base where I’m familiar with local stores and the prices. I’ll also make a bunch of freezer/refrigerator meals and treats ahead of time, so we’re not tempted to go out to eat as often or pick up snacks while fueling.

By eating fresh whole foods and home cooked meals, my husband and I are able to maintain our energy for fun RV adventures as well as put in some long driving days if that’s what we decide to do. And the bonus is staying on budget.

4. FreeAsWheelEverBe

After traveling full-time in our RV for 4 years, we have certainly learned a lot. We went in at top speed initially, moving around almost every weekend. We quickly realized, since we were working full-time during the week, that we couldn’t keep up that pace for very long. We never truly had a full weekend of rest because of moving so often. 

We also realized, with moving so often, we were spending too much money on campgrounds.  We were paying a daily rate, sometimes a weekly rate, and missing out on the greatest discount – a monthly rate. Monthly rates are typically 50% lower than a daily rate so, it’s worth slowing down and spending more time in one location. This also gives you an opportunity to explore an area fully before moving on to your next adventure. 

When it comes to travel planning, our number one go-to resource is RV Trip Wizard  We can plan our route, track expenses, read campground reviews, avoid low clearance bridges and explore points of interest all in one application. When looking for free camping, our go-to is Campendium

5. GetAwayCouple

Our tip for newbie RVers is to follow the 2/2/2 rule, which means don’t drive more than 200 miles in a day, get off the road by 2 pm, and stay at least 2 nights. One of the most common mistakes people tell us they made (and we did this too) when they were RV newbies was moving too quickly in the beginning. It is so easy to get burned out this way! We know this rule might not seem that big of a deal, but it will make much more sense when you hit the road. 200 miles doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you’re moving every few days, that’s plenty of ground to cover. Ensuring you get off the road by 2 pm gives you time to set up camp and explore the new area before it gets dark.

 Lastly, staying at least two nights gives you time to relax after your driving day and catch up on some rest before hitting the road again. Personally, we’ve adjusted the rule to mean two weeks instead of two days for us, as we love to settle in and really have time to relax and explore a new town. Speaking from personal experience, you’ll eventually lose steam exploring too quickly, and we guarantee you won’t truly be getting a feel for the area.

There are so many places that we need to return to because we blew through them so fast our first year on the road. It’s best to start slow; you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience if you do!

6. GratefulGlamper

You don’t need all the gear you THINK you do. Start small, add as you go but don’t go crazy on Amazon or Wal-Mart as soon as you buy your first rig! Also, take a SHAKEDOWN trip first! Somewhere close to home (within 3 hours or so) to get your feet wet. 

7. OnTheRoadOfRetirement

Go slow and steady… we tend to favor traveling less than 200 miles on any leg of our journey and perfect is 150 miles. Why? If you go any further you will miss what is in between.

Don’t assume there is nothing to see or do in “X” Why? Every town or location has its own appeal, beauty, hidden spots and or story….

Be patient… Why? Things will break and go bad for you sometimes on your travels. Take a deep breath, be patient and solve your problems under less stress.

Wan’t to save money camping? Stay a week or a month as the price per night is way less.

8. ThirteenAdventures

Go now!  That’s it.  

So many people we talk to say things like: “we really want to but….” or “that must be fun but…” or “I could never live in that small space” and similar comments.

Yes, living in 200-300 square feet of space seems limiting.  We would submit that its the exact opposite.  Ridding yourself of excess, often unnecessary things is very freeing.  Our society of abundance fills our closets, garages, and storage facilities with too much “stuff” and doesn’t bring the joy or benefits that you probably anticipated.

After downsizing to just the things we absolutely need and keeping a few items that we want, we now have less things to keep track of and its much easier to find what we are looking for!

If it doesn’t serve a consistent purpose or bring joy to our lives, we have jettisoned it.

Back to the “go now” comment.  If you think RV travel looks exciting, go try it out.  We HIGHLY recommend that you spend a few weekends renting a variety of styles of campers, trailers and the like to determine what you want.  This “try before you buy” option should be something everyone commits to before these big purchases.

All too often, people purchase one and decide it doesn’t have something they like and they trade it in very soon after.  The RV industry makes huge profits because of this.  Also, many people have very expensive yard ornaments because they rarely use what they bought.  

There exists many ways to rent an RV.  Sites such as https://www.outdoorsy.com  or  https://rvshare.com and https://www.cruiseamerica.com are a few options available.

Get on the road.  Stop and chat with other RV’ers out there.  Most are very willing to invite you in and show you what they like and don’t about their rigs.  Also, many YouTube channels are out there with plenty of resources on most every type and model of rig available.

Start where you are!  No need to save up huge sums of money to buy the best thing on the market.  Get what you can afford (which is different than what the banks will lend you) and go for it!

9. YourWanderingFoodie

I think the best travel tip I have right now is “Enjoy the Moment”. I know it sounds cliche but as I think back to all my travels and how I haven’t been on a trip in about 10 months, I think it is so important to enjoy the moments we get. I think some easy ways to do this are: unplug, breathe and be present. Don’t be thinking or waiting for your next big thing, stressing about this or that, or constantly be on your phone comparing your journey to others. Just enjoy the moment because this moment will never come your way again!

10. LivingAudaciously

The first time we went camping with an RV, there were a lot of unknowns. One of the biggest was related to our tanks. Yes, those tanks.  The ones that hold all the waste! However, it didn’t end up being too messy! The most important thing, in my opinion, is to bring gloves for this! While it may not be very messy, you’re still going to have to touch the hose.

Having gloves made me feel much more comfortable with the entire process! Something else that I would suggest is getting a portable waste container. We didn’t know anything about these before we got to the first campground. We started to notice some of the campers that were set up for a longer time had containers hooked up to their waste drains.

These portable waste containers can hook up so your waste is going directly into them. Then, when that is full, you can just take it to the dump area and never have to worry about moving your RV. We saw some people hook them up to the hitch on the back of their trucks, pull behind a golf cart, and someone was even pulling one behind a bicycle. 


Our experts have spoken. They have many years of experience and their words of wisdom ring true. The road is calling. It is calling for new RV’ers to be safe, slow down, and enjoy. Don’t be in a hurry. Enjoy your surroundings. Be mindful of your finances but, mainly remember the reasons why you decided to embark on this lifestyle. Was if for the simplicity and the beauty? Don’t get caught up in the hustle of moving around so fast that you forget to enjoy those things. We hope to see you out there on your journey. 

If you have tips to share, please comment. Share this post, subscribe and comment. 

Happy camping folks!!

Solutions For Washing Clothes On The Road


Basket with blue and beige laundry

Ever wonder how to wash clothes in an RV? Or how to do laundry while traveling? Dirty clothes are part of life! This may not be the first thing that you think about when you dream of the RV lifestyle or traveling full time. It is however, an important consideration and something that needs to be addressed. What do full-timers do about laundry on a daily basis? 

Many options exist for washing clothes on the road and while living in an RV. This article will present, in detail, many laundry alternatives for all of your washing needs. It also contains a video of how to use a hand cranked portable washing machine for those of you who are interested in learning how to use one. Enjoy!!


Ways To Get Your Clothes Clean

  1. Laundromat
Laundry basket on blurred background of modern washing machine

If you are staying close enough to a small town, one option is to seek out a laundromat to get your clothes washed and dried. 

Pros: The cost is minimal. The machines are usually high efficiency, which means that they usually get the job done quickly. 

Cons: You have to seek out a business and give up part of your day to go and do laundry. 

2. Use of a Washer and Dryer in Unit

Many larger RV’s have the advantage of having a washer and dryer hoot up installed when purchased or the option to have one installed. This makes it easy to do your laundry right from the comfort of your own tiny home. 

Pros: You get to do laundry from home. 

Cons: Many RV’s don’t have them. They will use up a lot of energy when boondocking. They do very small loads. 

3. Campground Facilities

Many campground facilities offer laundry facilities. This is great if the amenity is offered. 

Pros: You don’t have to venture far from where you are camped to wash your clothing. The cost is usually small. Sometimes they are free of charge. 

Cons: There is a cost to use the facility in most cases. Many times you have to wait for your turn which means that you are giving up part of your valuable time. Theft could be a concern if you leave your valuables unattended. 

4. Hand Wash

hand wash

Many RV’ers and campers choose to hand wash their clothing or some pieces of their clothing. 

Pros: You have control of your time. There are no business hours for your bucket. You can control how clean your clothing gets. It is free. 

Cons: You may not always have access to clean water or a lot of water, depending on where you are camped. This is especially true for boondockers. It is manually more difficult. 

5. Truck Stops

Truck stops often times have laundry facilities available for truckers and can be used by RV’ers. Be sure that when you park at a truck stop that you are parked in an RV designated spot. Do not park in a Trucker’s spot. You will not get a kind reception. 

Pros: Truck stop facilities are usually very clean. Hey, it is an option to clean your clothes if you need one. 

Cons: You may have to travel to find one. It will cost around the same amount as a laundromat. 

6. Wash and Fold

Wash and Fold services are available in some towns and cities. Just drop your dirty clothes off in a bag and pick them up clean and folded at a later, specified time. 

Pros: It is super easy and convenient. You can enjoy your day engaging in other activities. 

Cons: This is more costly than the other options on the list. 

7. Sudshare

Sudshare is an app that you can download. It may not be available in all areas. Sudshare is a service where someone comes and picks up your laundry, takes it, washes it, and returns it to you (at your RV), washed and folded. It costs about $1 per pound. https://sudshare.com

Pros: It doesn’t take away any of your time and your laundry is completely taken care of. 

Cons: It may not be available in every area. This costs more than some of the other options on the list. 

8. Scrubba Bag

Scrubba bag is a bag that folds up super small. It has a type of washboard on the inside. This makes hand washing easier. Scrubba is also reusable, which is a major plus. This is a great option for RV’ers with less storage capabilities that want something in-between the bucket hand washing system and going to the laundromat. 

Pros: It is eco-friendly. It doesn’t take up space and it is affordable at $55. 

Cons: It requires some manual labor. 

9. Portable Washers

Portable washers are a great option for those RV’ers who don’t have a full washer and dryer in their units but, want the option of washing clothing in their own homes. My husband and I have been using the WonderWash Mini Washing Machine for just about 8 months now and absolutely love it. 

Pros: Very easy to use. Super affordable. Clothes get clean.

Cons: You can’t do large loads. You will still need to find a place to store it. 


How to use Wonderwash portable washer wonderwash #portablewasher #rvlife #fyp

♬ original sound – Cortney Edwards266

Options For Drying Clothing

  1. Outside Line Drying

Drying your clothing outside on a line is great if the weather is suitable. Many RV’s come equipped with a shower line as well. 

2. Spinner

These portable spinners get most of the water out of the clothes and don’t take up much space. Just hang the clothes for a bit after and they are done in a bit. 


Nobody wants to spend their time in a new place worrying about laundry or finding the next place to wash clothing. It is more important in the lifestyle to make the next memory. To watch the sunset and hike the next trail. I hope that this list will help to ease some of the concern that those darn hampers are causing. They are going to fill up. There are easy ways to empty them and move on. Wash the clothes and get out there and enjoy this great RV life. 

Share with me your great laundry tips!! 

Please comment, share and subscribe. Thanks for reading. 

The Actual Cost of Living Full Time in an RV


How much does it cost to live full time in an RV? This is the number one question that Rv’ers get. Living in an RV is great. You get to live and travel in your own home. Think about not having to pack for your next vacation. Picture living life like you are on vacation. Take your pets with you everywhere!! This life is very attainable. Most people want to know how much money it costs to live this way. 

So…What are the actual costs of the RV lifestyle? My husband and I have been living full time in our 33 foot Airstream Classic for just over one year and we are loving it. We have been able to live, work, and travel all from our recreational vehicle. We enjoy our lives, visit family, and have been able to figure out how to make it work. This article will break down the living expenses associated with this lifestyle for you. By the time you are done reading this, you will have a great idea of how to prepare and plan your finances to begin your great adventure!! We have even included a budget spreadsheet for you. 


The first, and possibly the largest expense is the recreational vehicle itself. This is a huge variable. RV prices range anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It all depends on what you purchase. There are many types of RV’s out there. There are travel trailers, motorhomes, vans that have been converted, fifth wheels, pop up trailers and toy haulers. These all vary in price greatly. 

You can purchase these vehicles new or used which also affect the price. Do you plan to purchase with cash or do you plan to finance the vehicle. All of these factors will affect your monthly budget. You could be paying $0 or you could be paying $2000 per month depending on how much you finance. We pay $1029 for our 2020 Airstream. 

Tow Vehicle

If you are pulling your RV, you will need a tow vehicle. This monthly payment will also vary depending on the size, year, and how you purchase. The larger and newer the vehicle, the more the more expensive it will be. For example, a large fifth wheel will need to be pulled by a large truck. Do you plan to purchase a new truck or a used truck? Do you already have a truck that is paid off? These things will determine how much money is coming out of your monthly budget. This could be anywhere from $0 to $1500 per month. We pay $1350 for our 2018 F350 Diesel. 

Vehicle Insurance

You will need insurance for your tow vehicle and your recreational vehicle. You will need to make sure to purchase insurance that covers you for full time living in your RV. Some insurance companies will not allow this type of coverage. Good Sam, Progressive, and National General are three that offer this service. This type of coverage is a bit more expensive than part time coverage and is somewhere around $240 (this is what we pay for our Airstream and Truck) per month. This depends on the age and price of the recreational vehicle. 

Campground Site

Campground sites range anywhere from $20 per night to $1600 per month in the state of Virginia (that is where we currently reside). We have found that this range is fairly consistent throughout the East Coast. We currently pay $756 in the off season and $1550 during summer. We have plans to move to a Thousand Trails campground in the near future which will cost us $330 per month for 5 years (until its paid off) and $550 per year to stay full time with no other fees (A GREAT SAVINGS). 

Use Military, Good Sam, AAA, or other club discounts to save!!!


Those savings require membership fees. Don’t forget that you have to pay for those fees. They usually come in the form of annual dues. Harvest Hosts, Good Sam, Passport America, and others require a yearly fee. Those fees will sneak up on you if you forget to budget them in. It may be a smart option to add a $10 monthly club fee into your budget to make sure that you are prepared. 


If you plan to travel frequently, fuel is something that you need to budget for. When we travel, we try to drive no more than six hours per day. This adds up to about $150 in fuel costs per day. This adds up fairly quickly. Fuel costs continue to rise. This puts a huge dent in your budget. Make sure to prepare for it!!


If you have a larger RV, you may be lucky enough to have a washer and dryer inside. Otherwise you will need to save for laundry expenses. There are wash and fold laundry services available in many areas. Check out SudShare app. It is fairly affordable. Laundromats and Laundry facilities at campgrounds are other options. Plan on setting aside $20 to $40 per month. 

We invested in the Wonderwash. It is a portable, hand crank washing system that saves us some money. Check it out!! 

Health Insurance

If your remote or local job doesn’t provide free health insurance, you will need to add in the cost of health insurance. This price can be steep as many Americans are well aware of. This can be as much as $1200 for a family for private coverage. Wow!!


Many campgrounds offer wifi to guests. It is very unreliable. Most Rv’ers find that they need to provide their own for TV streaming, computer use, or work options. We joined Family Motor Coach Association and use their Tech connect program. It is through Sprint. It is truly unlimited (meaning no throttling) for $50 per month. It is the best and least expensive program that we have found. 

Cell Phone

There are many options for cell phone providers out there. We use Verizon. We find that no matter where we travel, we have the coverage that we need. We actually switched to T mobile at one point and it just didn’t cut it. We switched back and couldn’t be happier. Our bill including a jetpack as a backup hotspot is $200.


Everyone Needs to eat. It’s better to eat and use your own kitchen than to go to restaurants on a regular basis. It’s ok to splurge once in awhile but, if you are looking to save money, this is the number one place to do it. We spend about $300 on groceries per month. 

Repairs and Maintenance

You live in a vehicle. Let’s face it, things happen. You will be living in the elements. It’s better to be prepared. Set aside a bit of money each month to be prepared for emergency repairs. We have had two tires deflate (no blow outs thank goodness) during trips, one fuel related repair, one slide repair and one undercarriage repair in the past year and half. Boy, were we happy that we had the funds to take care of these things. Warranty covered some of it but, it didn’t cover trip interruption and extra expenses that we needed to come up with.

This category should also include regular maintenance. Keep your vehicles in tip top shape in order to avoid unnecessary  repairs. These maintenance items include oil changes, inspections, tire rotations and more. Plan on setting aside at least $50 to $100 per month for this category. 


You will be living full time. Most ovens and heaters run with propane. If you live in any type of cold weather, you will be going through propane. This will need to be replaced regularly. Set aside $25 per month or more depending on how much you use. 


How do full timers get mail? This is a question that deserves a whole other post. I will briefly tell you what we do. We use a UPS box. It gives us a street address and they forward mail to wherever we are. They will also hold mail. It is very easy to transfer the service to another area if we move. The cost of a small box is $240 per year. It is well worth the cost for what they provide. There are many other services available. This is just one option. 


If you decide to Boondock or otherwise referred to as dry camp, you will save money on some of the other expenses. This is great. You will however, incur different expenses such as dumping. Make sure that you add that to your list. These prices differ. Check local campgrounds or travel centers for their pricing. 

Netflix, Hulu, and Other Streaming Services

If you have streaming services, these need to be added to your budget. We use Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon. These cost us $30 per month. 


Sabi The Savanna Cat

Do you have pets? Don’t forget to add pet food, vet bills, immunizations and other care needs. These items tend to sneak up on you and can be very expensive. You don’t want Fido to suffer because you don’t have the Dinero to pay for his monthly medications. 

Annual Fees

Annual fees to remember include vehicle registration, taxes, tax preparation, vehicle inspections, and any licenses that you have to renew. 

Misc/ Fun Money

Let’s not forget the fun money. What is the fun in traveling if you can’t stop in a brewery or have some extra cash to splurge. Everyone needs some cash in their pockets. This amount can vary and each family will have to figure this amount out. This is your “let’s go out for ice cream,” or movie money. Don’t leave this out. It is very important. 

Ways to Save Money While Traveling and Living in an RV

Ways to Save Money While Traveling and Living in an RV

How to Save Money While Rv’ing Full Time

  1. Memberships

Check out memberships that will save you money on campground stays. 

  • Passport America
  • FMCA
  • Boondockers Welcome
  • Good Sam
  • Thousand Trails
  • Harvest Hosts

2. State Parks

3. Shop for Fuel to find the lowest price when on the road

4. Take classes on maintaining your vehicle and RV instead of paying someone

5. Buy a used RV or Truck

6. Pay cash for your Vehicles

7. Cook at Home

8. Shop for Lower Insurance Rates


Now that you know how much it costs to live full time in your RV, get out there and live your adventure. See our post on the must have accessories you need to get started https://www.tincanliving.blog/2021/01/28/30-must-have-rv-accessories-for-the-brand-new-owner/. RV’ing is a blast. See the world. Just be responsible and spend wisely!! Write us with any questions or suggestions that you may have. We will see you out there!!

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Work For RVers: How To Earn A Paycheck While Living Your Dream Life

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Introduction to work for RVers: How to Make Money While Travelling Full Time

Have you ever asked yourself how people make money while RVing full time? How do people earn a paycheck while traveling? Is there work for RVers?

More and more people are trading in their sticks and bricks lifestyles for a home on the road. The RV lifestyle is booming.

Who wouldn’t want to travel full time, visit all of the beautiful places that this country has to offer, spend evenings by the campfire, and feed their nomadic spirits on a daily basis? This life is no longer just for retired folks visiting family. It is for adventurers of all ages.

The number one question that one faces when looking at beginning their RV journey is how to earn a paycheck, make a livable wage and live full time while being able to travel. 

This article will give plenty of options for remote work, work camping, seasonal work, gig economy job options, starting your own business, and more. It will also discuss things you need to consider as a wandering worker. 

How to earn money while RV'ing infographic
how to earn money while RV’ing infographic

Remote Work for RVers: Making Money

Remote work options are soaring. They give Rvers the option to travel and fund their lifestyle. Earn a paycheck while you travel. It is a win-win situation.

One option to finding remote work is flex jobs. Subscribe using this link. Flex jobs is a paid service that provides remote reliable job opportunities that are vetted. This service weeds out any junk jobs that are out there on the internet. They research and review every employer that they post.

The company will also review your resume once you upload it and offer job coaching as a bonus. They also offer webinars and courses to help you land that remote job that you are looking for. Memberships start at $6.95 per month.

Teaching online: 

teaching online
teaching online

There are plenty of online teaching jobs available that are completely remote. Some of the most popular are Qkids, Vipkid, Gogo Kid, Magic Ears, and many more. These jobs do not require a traditional teaching license or degree. You do need a bachelor’s degree for most of them and a TESOL or TEFL as you will be teaching English to Foreign language learners.

Most classes are in half-hour increments and lesson plans are provided for you. Training is provided by the platform that you work for. There are advancement opportunities in the forms of higher levels of teaching, mentoring, and tutoring new teachers.

The work is fairly simple and fun. The hours can be a burden depending on what side of the United States you live on. You choose your own hours (some have a minimum requirement). 

If you decide to work for any of these companies, you will need to have high-speed internet, headphones, a computer (laptop is fine), a classroom-type background, and some require learning props. 

Use the below link to apply for Qkids


Use the following link to apply for VIPkid



transcribing as a remote job

Transcribing is a great remote work option for those who have a fast internet connection and speedy typing skills. Many companies pay up to $60,000 according to indeed.com. You don’t need to have a lot of experience to start. Transcribeme, Gotranscript, CastingWords, and Scribie hire transcriptionists with no experience. A typing test is required at the time of application.

Many of these companies allow workers to set their own hours. The more experience you have, the more you can make. You will need a foot pedal and a great headset to start. There are training programs available if you would like to start out making more money.

Legal and medical transcriptionists make the most money per word. Schools such as Devry institute and Bryan Stratton have transcriptionist training and certification. 






Blogging is a remote career that has the possibility of bringing in a livable wage or more. According to milenialboss.com, bloggers can make up to $300,000 per month. Don’t start a blog and expect to make that wage during your first month.

It is a very saturated field that requires a lot of expertise. Expect to do a lot of work and studying to figure out what to write about. Put out a lot of quality content that people want to read. Only then, is your work worth monetizing. 

Medical Billing

medical billing

Medical billing is another popular remote employment option. Medical billing requires training and/ or experience to be hired. There are many online academies and schools offering training and job placement in this field. CareerStep is considered a great option for schooling in this field. 

The schooling is specialized and can take less than two years. It can be done at your own pace. Once finished, the work can be done from home and can become quite lucrative.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are becoming more popular and available especially since the onset of COVID. You will need to have great communication skills, computer skills, and fantastic organizational skills.

For this specific type of job, you will need to be able to market yourself in order to land the right job. VA’s can make up to $60 an hour if they have the right experience and skillset.


Many people market their skills on Fiverr. Fiverr is an awesome marketplace for you to market any special skill that you have.

Are you great at making infographics? Can you design videos and edit them? Are you a wiz at creating websites? Whatever your talent is, you can market it and sell it on Fiverr. You can accept whatever jobs you want on your own time limit and frame. You set your own prices. Get out there and start designing, creating, and making money!!


Online Tutoring

online tutoring
online tutoring

Tutoring online will always be in high demand and is fantastic for those who have a special talent for helping others. Some platforms require degrees in certain academic areas.

Help students with math, SAT prep or preparing for a Geography test. You are helping others while, at the same time, helping your bottom line. That sounds like a great idea!!

Companies that hire remote tutors include tutor.com, Wells academic solutions, brainfuse, and PrepNow. 



Online Test Scoring

Scoring tests online is easy and fun. Test scoring jobs range from elementary test scoring to college test scoring so the hiring requirements differ greatly.

It is completely remote and most of the scoring jobs are seasonal. The majority of these jobs pay between $10 to $20 per hour. Some companies to look into are ETS, Pearson, WriteScore, Literably, and Study Point. 

Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing jobs used to require in-home parties and in-person work. Now with COVID most of the parties and marketing is online, over the phone, and completely remote.

Companies such as Origami Owl, ColorStreet, Scentsy, and Pampered Chef require a LOT of work to make a decent paycheck but, it is completely doable if you put the time and effort into a great marketing strategy.

Most require some sort of minimal investment to start. The investment varies per company. If you know a lot of people and like selling, this might just be the right avenue for you. You may be the hit at every campground that you visit. 

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is a great alternative to blogging. If writing is your passion, there are tons of opportunities on Fiverr to offer your writing talent to others and benefit monetarily from it.

Also, bloggers are always looking for writers to create content for their blogs. They are willing to pay upwards of $100 per post. You must have skills in networking, organization, marketing, research, and of course, writing. If you meet that criteria, this may be a great and lucrative option for you. 

Call Center

Call center jobs are still a thing. Only you don’t have to punch a clock in an office. You can punch that clock sitting right at home. Many places hire customer service reps to answer calls from home. They will patch calls right to you. You will be scheduled a time to work. You need to be reliable. The phone will likely not stop ringing. You will need to have internet, a computer, a great headset, and a phone. The most important thing is to have a quiet environment in which to work. The pay is just above minimum wage for these jobs but, it is steady work and reliable. This may be just what you are looking for to fund your next great adventure. 

Create Your Own Business

your own business
your own business

Open an Etsy or Online Store

  1. Are you creative? Do you knit, make stickers, or have some crafting talent that you are just dying to share with the world? If you said yes, then there is likely someone out there that is willing to pay for it. Creating an online store with wix.com or with Etsy is super easy and it is really fun. This is the best job for someone who loves to create and share. There is nothing better than making money doing something that you love!!

Write an Ebook

Are you an expert on something? Are you a great cook with a bunch of original recipes? Do you know where all the best hiking areas are? Create an ebook. If you don’t know where to start, there is a template available to help you create it on Canva. You can sell your book on amazon.

Create a course

Do you want to teach the world how to clean their RV or how to do maintenance on their own vehicle? Do you have a special skill that others can benefit from? You can create a course that people will pay for. Udemy, teachable, and Skillshare are just three platforms where you can create a course to teach others a new skill and make money from doing so. 

Sell Something

Flea Markets and Farmers Markets are great places to sell items that you create when you travel. If you make soaps or jams or anything that you can sell, sign up for the local markets. You will be traveling to many new places in your RV. S

ee what types of markets are available in the areas you plan to visit. Get your products out there, make some new friends, and fund your lifestyle while at it. 

Gig Economy Jobs: Earn Money

gig economy work
Gig economy work

Gig workers are independent contractors who set their own hours and do freelance-type jobs. There are many opportunities to make money in today’s economy. Full-time travelers are finding that this type of work is easy to find, works with their schedule (or non-schedule), and provides the funds that they need to meet basic necessities.

The requirements to get these jobs are minimal and the day-to-day performance requirements are not too daunting. Some of the jobs that fit into this category include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Uber: Uber drivers pick up passengers and drive them to different locations for a set fee plus tips. Uber also offers an option to deliver food if you would rather not interact with people. They offer an easy application platform. Once approved, you can only provide these services in the state that you applied in. Uber drivers can make up to $12 per hour. 
  2. Postmates: Like über, Postmates is an app that allows you to deliver food from a restaurant to a set location. You earn a set amount plus tips. Postmates does allow you to go “online” and deliver in other areas than the place that you were hired in. That makes this a great option for RV’ers. Postmates drivers make $8 to $12 per hour after tips. 
  3. Instacart: Instacart is a great service that offers subscribers grocery shopping services. As a shopper, you shop, purchase, and deliver groceries to a customer. After you are hired you can work anywhere that Instacart is offered. Shoppers are said to earn about $13 per hour. 
  4. Shipt: Shipt works the same as instacart. They have different stores available than instacart. The shopper shops, purchases, and delivers groceries and other items to a customer. Once hired, Shipt also lets you deliver anywhere that the service is available. Shipt workers make $16 to $22 per hour. 
  5. Amazon Flex: Amazon flex is awesome. You pick up packages from an amazon hub, or groceries (that are already packaged) from whole foods and deliver them to a customer. You get a certain amount of deliveries per shift. Shifts pay $18 and up per hour. There are multiple shifts available per day. You just have to be quick enough to grab one. As a flex employee, you can change your location as you travel to anywhere that flex is offered. This is a great option for employment. 

* Most of these jobs require the use of a vehicle, car insurance, and a valid driver’s license. Some require a background check. 

Workamping: Full Time RV Life

workamping image

Workamping deserves its own section. If you are new to RV’ing you may not have heard of this term yet. You will. This is a fantastic opportunity to make money and live while traveling full-time. Workamping is just like it sounds, working while you are camping. Rvers receive payment, either in the form of free campsites or wages (sometimes both) in exchange for services that they provide at the campground. 

The different types of work can include cleaning bathrooms, working at the store, checking other campers in, delivering wood, camp hosting, park attendant, caretaker, security, food service, and more. 

How do you find these jobs? 

  1. workcamper.com
  2. workampingjobs.com
  3. snowbirdrvtrails.com
  4. happyvagabonds.com
  5. makingmoneyandtraveling.com

This job may not be for everyone. Sometimes you will have to sign a contract for a certain amount of time to gain a workamping job. This may hinder the ability to move around frequently. The job may not be too glamorous. You may be in a position to enforce rules at the campground where you live. This may seem difficult when faced with confronting friends. The work hours may vary, including being on call.

Workamping is an amazing option for you If you love to work where you live, you love the outdoors, and the RV lifestyle, this may be perfect for you. You will have the opportunity to meet a lot of new and like-minded people. The best part is that you get to live the lifestyle you have been dreaming of while making it affordable. 

Amazon Camperforce

Amazon Camperforce is a seasonal opportunity that Amazon offers for RV’ers. They hire all year for jobs for seasonal positions throughout the country. The hourly wage is at least $15 an hour with a great likelihood of overtime. They also offer up to $550 for a campsite per month.

The locations are set and the campground that you stay in must be a participating campground. The duration of the job can last several months. This is a fantastic opportunity to earn a great wage a couple of times per year, set it aside to pay for your travels for the rest of the year!! 

Find out more information at [email protected].

Amusement Parks

amusement park seasonal work
Amusement park seasonal work

Many amusement parks offer camper benefits and jobs. Wouldn’t it be great to have fun at an amusement park, camp in your off time, and fund your travels for the rest of the year? If that sounds great, these opportunities may be a great fit for you. 

Adventureland Park in Des Moines, Iowa

Adventureland Park is a huge amusement park with all of the thrills and chills you would expect to find in a theme park. It has the big rides, the shows, the food and all of the attractions. It is over 200 acres of fun. They have a great program just for RV’ers. They provide a full hook up site at no charge plus they pay you $8.50 an hour for all hours that you work. Jobs include food service, running games, retail or working rides. The best part is that there is no contract or commitment. This is a fantastic option!!


The Island in Forge Tennessee 

This is a beautiful location just at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This program is open all year. They have lots of food, shopping, rides, a ropes course, and other fun and unique things to do. As a workamper you get paid a wage and are given discounts and free entry to a number of activities in the area. The Island provides a list of nearby campsites for you to choose from. No discounts are offered on camping. 


Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri

Silver Dollar City has many attractive offerings. They have 40 musical theaters, seasonal festivals, tons of rides, attractions, and more. Workamping opportunities include food service, parking attendant, ride operations, ticket taking, and retail.

They do not offer accommodations. However, there is a campground on site. Workampers get paid an hourly rate and are offered a host of benefits including discounted tickets and free shows.


Other Considerations: Items You Will Need to Work a Remote Job (work for RVers)

Other considerations remote rv work
Other considerations remote RV work


The Internet offered by most RV parks is not reliable especially when you need it for work. You don’t want to risk losing your job because you can’t get a good signal. Because of this, you will need to provide a reliable internet solution for yourself.

Most of the options are very expensive. If you plan to use your phone as a hotspot, know that most plans are not truly unlimited. Read your contract carefully. After a certain amount of data is used, it will throttle. What this means is that it will slow how the data flows. In basic speak, you will not be able to work.

There are a couple of plans that are truly unlimited out there. You will have to find the best one for you and make sure that you have a backup plan.

For instance, if you use a plan that is through AT&T, make sure that you have a backup with Verizon in case you move to a different campground and your coverage isn’t the same. This happens and you don’t want to lose your paycheck because you weren’t prepared. 

  1. Winegard: Winegard has a plan that offers 20 GB per month for $150


2. Family Motor Coach Association: Tech Connect Plan

Through Sprint $50 Unlimited 

*you must join fmca first


3. Nomad Internet $99 per month Unlimited AT&T


4. Millenicom $129 per month Verizon


Office Space

RV Office

If you plan to work from your RV, you will need to have a designated office space. There is not a lot of room in a recreational vehicle. This can be quite a challenge for some people.

Making the appropriate space for your computer, supplies, headset and all of your other items is extremely important. You will need to make this a priority when preparing for your nomadic career. This is the only way to ensure your success.

Make sure that you can be efficient and organized. Be prepared to have the quiet place that you need and you will be on your way to making money!


Most of these job options require you to set aside your own tax money and have different filing obligations. Make sure to research what you need to do to be in compliance or speak to a tax expert. 

Conclusion: Work for RVers


The RV lifestyle is fantastic. Why not make it a full-time adventure if you can. With these wage-earning opportunities, it is a definite possibility. With so many remote, geographic, and seasonal options, the perfect fit is just waiting for you. Take the leap! Get out there and see this great big country of ours!!

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RV Bedroom Storage and Organization: Space-Saving Items and Solutions


 Rv organization is the biggest task that most Rv’ers need inspiration and tips for. Downsizing your sticks and bricks home to move into an RV is a difficult task. Where do you begin? This article will tackle the difficult topic of bedroom storage. Where will you put all of your clothing, shoes, accessories and still have a comfortable place to sleep? There are many space saving items and solutions to help with this cumbersome venture. 


You may be starting with a walk-in closet and a wardrobe that can have you heading into the office one minute and into a fancy party the next. You have all of the clothing essentials to fit any occasion. But what do you do with all of this when you decide that you are moving into an RV and your closet is now the size of a toaster and it is meant to be shared? You find the best plan for storage and you begin to downsize. 


These hangers are thin. This makes it possible to fit more items in your new-to-you very small closet. This is probably the best small closet hack that exists. Make sure to purchase quality hangers that won’t break. Also, these specific hangers have velvet material added so that your clothes won’t slip off during travel. They are absolutely fantastic and a MUST purchase. 

Storage Cubes

These storage cubes come in a flat package with the end pieces and instructions on how to put together. You can build them in any way you need to fit into your closet. They can be readjusted as many times as your needs change. You can build as many or as few as you need. The parts that you don’t use can easily be stored while taking up very little room. These are great for folding jeans and sweaters in the closet. 


Honestly, these bags are the best thing for RV storage. They can be used to store anything. We use them to roll up t-shirts, store underwear, socks, pajamas, and more. The fit nicely into any drawers in the trailer. They also fit nicely in the overhead cupboards above the bed. We used indelible markers to label each bag to easily identify what we are looking for. Everything is easy to find and stays neat and tidy. No messy piles of clothing!! 

What To Do With The Clothes you Are Getting Rid Of?

Poshmark: Poshmark is an app that you can add to you phone. It is an online marketplace where you can sell brand named and quality labelled clothing, shoes and accessories. https://poshmark.com

Thred up: Thred up is also an app that you can put on your phone. It is a bit different than postmark. You send in your items and they are sold on a consignment basis. You start by requesting a bag. The bag is sent to you at no charge. You send in the clothing items that you with to part with. Thred up staff then takes pictures of them and markets them. They will offer you a one time price, which you can accept or you can wait until the items sell and get a higher payout. Whatever doesn’t sell will either be shipped back to you (at your expense) or donated. https://www.thredup.com

Donate: Donating to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any other worthwhile charity is also a great option. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt and use the donation as a write off the next time you file your taxes. 

Buffalo Exchange: Buffalo exchange works a bit like Thred up in that they will also send you a bag at no charge. You will send in the items that you wish to sell. Buffalo exchange will go through your items and determine the resale value and offer you a cash amount or a higher gift card amount that can be used in their online store. There are brick and mortar stores in some locations as well. https://www.buffaloexchange.com


There may be some storage under your bed. I have found that out under-bed storage is better used for coats, and other storage. We actually store our shoes outside. We keep some readily available inside with hooks. 


We hang hooks by the bed and by the door so that we have a few pairs of shoes that are easy to grab and throw on. This keeps the floor clean and free of debris and clutter and keeps everything that we need right where we need it. 


We have this lightweight and collapsible shed that we keep right outside our door to store extra shoes. It looks tidy outside and gives us an extra place to store items. It comes apart extremely easy and lays flat (easy to put right in the aisle of the trailer when traveling). We store our shoes in the shed which frees up closet and bedroom space. It also gives us an extra place to store our golf clubs. 

Under Bed Storage

In our last trailer, we had a Momentum 5th wheel, we had this under bed shoe storage system. It worked great. We can no longer use a system like this because we now have drawers that pull out. This system is a great option for shoe storage as well. It keeps shoes off of the ground, out of sight and out of the way. 


This just leaves Accessories and other bedroom necessities such as hats and belts etc. Hooks and storage boxes have helped us to store the odds and ends that we like to keep handy in our bedroom. We hang some items which allows us to keep things tidy and accessible. 


We use hooks to hang up our jackets, gym bag, hats, and other accessories. Hooks are an RV’ers best friend.

Storage Boxes

These storage boxes in the drawers by the bed are great for cords. You will never have trouble finding what you need and everything stays neat. 


Bedroom storage is a tough one for someone downsizing from a house to an RV. With these tips, tricks and storage ideas, you will definitely be on your way to full-timing in style. It just takes a little effort and a little magic with the help of amazon. 

Thanks for reading. Please share what tips and tricks have worked for you. Please subscribe and share. I look forward to hearing from you. 



As someone who owns a travel trailer, we hear the question about parking at Walmart on a regular basis. Can you camp for free in a Walmart parking lot? I know the answer to this from personal experience. The answer is yes. 

This past year, my husband and I were driving from from Virginia to Colorado when my husband made the biggest mistake you can make with a diesel truck. He put regular gas in the tank. Big oops. This, as you can imagine put a huge wrench in our plans. The truck had to be towed to a dealership for work. This was in winter when all the nearby RV parks had closed for the season. What is a family with animals and a trailer to do??? Call your local Walmart!! They are fantastic. We parked there for several days (this is generally against the rules). 

What Are the Rules for Camping Overnight At Walmart?

  1. Call and ask permission

If you find yourself in a bind, like we did, and need a place to camp overnight, Walmart may be your saving grace. Call and ask for the Manager. This is an imperative. Many Walmarts nowadays are not allowing overnight parking anymore due to city ordinances or people taking advantage. Make sure that you have permission from staff. They generally tell you where to park and give you any other important instructions that you MUST follow in order to use this free and wonderful privilege. 

  1. Park where they tell you

The staff will have you park somewhere out of the way where you won’t interfere with popular parking of their shoppers. It will likely be near an outer edge or by the tire center and it will depend on the layout of the shop and parking lot. It is important that you follow these instructions in order to not get towed from the location. 

  1. Don’t put out slides

If you have to put out a bedroom slide in order to sleep, make sure to discuss this with the manager and only use it when needed. Walmart is not a campground and should not be used as such. Do not take up any more space than needed with your rig. 

  1. Keep Locked up

Keep your RV, tow vehicle and personal belongings safe and locked up the entire stay. This should seem obvious. It is important to note that sometimes in stressful situations simple things such as locking a door can be easily forgotten. 

  1. It’s not a campground

Walmart is not a campground. You are not to treat this stay as if you are on vacation. This should be treated as a short stop-over for sleep and supplies. You should not put out lawn chairs, awnings, or other outside gear. Do not grill outdoors or hang out outside of your RV. 

  1. Buy something

Walmart is extending a simple favor to you as a courtesy. Don’t forget this gesture. Purchase something from their store while you are there. 

  1. Follow City Ordinances

The manager may make you aware of certain city ordinances while you speak with them. It is not their responsibility to do so. Make sure to pay attention to any posted signs. 

  1. Stay one night

It is important, as mentioned before, not to treat the Walmart parking lot as a campground. We had no other choice in our particular situation and received very specific permission due to our case. However, in most cases, plan to pack up early in the morning and be on your way to your destination. 

  1. Clean up after yourself

Make sure that you don’t leave any trash or evidence of your stay. Clean up after yourself and leave the place cleaner than when you arrived. 

  1. Pets

If you travel with pets, make sure that you clean up after your pets. Know the city rules/ laws for pets and keep dogs on leashes at all times. 

Benefits of Boondocking at Walmart

There are some GREAT benefits to staying at a Walmart for a night. 

  1. Supplies

Supplies for your trip are readily available for purchase in the store for a decent price. 

  1. Maintenance

There is generally a tire shop and maintenance supplies available in the store. 

  1. Generally Safe

The parking lot is generally a safe place to park and is well lit. 

  1. Free

You don’t have to pay exorbitant campground fees for that night allowing you to save money on your travels. 

  1. No Reservation

There are no reservations except for a phone call to get permission. 

  1. Location

The location is generally in a fantastic place with restaurants nearby. You can get sleep and food before heading out the next day for more miles. 

  1. Fuel

Many locations have decently priced fuel right on site. 

Alternative Free/ Low Cost Camping Options

There are many other free or low cost alternatives to parking in Walmart parking lots for RV travelers. 

  1. Truck Stops (Loves, Flying J, Pilot)

Many truck stops have free or low cost RV spots for overnight parking. Make sure to call or check the website to see if reservations are needed. When parking at a truck stop make sure to park in RV spot if it is available and not to take a Trucker only spot. You will not want to upset a Trucker who is doing a long-haul drive and has no place to park. 

  1. Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel generally has RV parking in their parking lots. This is a great place to stop and get food. I would get approval from management before an overnight stay. 

  1. Lowe’s and Home Depot

These big hardware stores sometimes allow RV parking and overnight parking. I would say that the same rules from above apply for these stores as well. 

  1. Rest Areas

You may park RV’s at rest areas. Make sure to read the signs. Some rest areas have signs that state “no overnight parking.” Make sure, just as with truck stops, that you park in the correct place. If there is a RV specific parking place, do not take up truck parking. 

  1. Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a membership. It is a reasonable yearly membership that allows you to stay on private land (many owned by wineries and breweries) for one night. It is a great option for many who make long trips and like to break them up. 


Things happen on trips. It is important to have a backup plan. We found that out. Cars breakdown. Trips get interrupted. Long trips need to be broken up. Sometimes you need to just stop for one night. Having these options is important. Just make sure to know the rules of each place that you go. Don’t ruin these opportunities for others. Happy travels and take care of yourself out there on the road!!