Tin Can Living: Living in a Recreational Vehicle Full Time

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Who Am I?

Who am I and what am I doing writing a blog? I am a 44 year old woman living in a tin can trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. It’s a funny thought really. It is December 2020 smack dead in the middle of this Covid crap and here I am trying to start a business. The people in my life who know me well are most likely thinking “here she goes again on another one of her wild adventures.”


Let me back up a bit and explain a bit about myself and maybe you will understand why someone might think that. I am, first and foremost, a wife and mother. I am married to a wonderful man. We have been married for almost 21 years. He is a navy man and we have lived and travelled many places during our time together. We have two kids, or I should say, grown adults, together. Trent, our oldest is 23, lives in California, and is out there trying to find his passion. Sydney, our youngest, is almost 21, lives in Colorado, and is busy trying to solve the world’s farming and animal problems.

Why are We Doing This?

My man and I, well we are in Virginia planning for retirement, hence the tin can. The tin can, playfully named, Eeyore, is our 33 foot Airstream recreational vehicle. We have been full-time RV people for just over a year now. It has not been easy. Why do it then? Trust me I am still in the process of answering this question. It is a very complicated answer. At first, it was this romantic notion of travel and campfires by the beach and this sense of freedom that it seemed to promise. Why do it before retirement? That is the easy question to answer. Pay everything off before retirement to make that pension stretch further.

Preparing For Retirement

Now, I think that it is easy for brick and mortar peeps to assume that living in an RV is a much simpler kinda life than, dare I say, a regular existence (that is where the romanticizing came in for me). This includes an assumption of fewer expenses. This is definitely not the case, at least for us. We still carry a mortgage on our brick and mortar house that is rented out, the payment for the airstream and rental space for rv parks is not cheap, my friends!! As far as simple living…let me tell you about cooking in a small space and hand cranking laundry. I guess I will save that for another blog. This blog is just an intro. Ha ha

My Business

Back to the business at hand, so to speak. Tin can crafts. I thought it was a catchy name. I have absolutely no idea why I decided to start selling crafts online. I guess it came to me on a whim or in a dream. However it came to me, it did, I started making stuff, I liked it, I researched how to sell it, and I am in love with making beautiful things. I love experimenting. It is not always easy. There is a lot of cursing in my tiny kitchen. There is not a lot of room in my kitchen. When I post descriptions and I say “small batch”, it makes me giggle a little because it is so very true. I have less than half of a counter space. Earlier I mentioned what my friends and family may be thinking about my new venture into crafting. I stated that because I am a person who likes to try new things.

Me…A New Job? What?

It is not a stretch to say that I have had many job titles in my life. I have a Master’s degree in psychology and worked in the field for several years. I was a truck driver for a spell (like the big trucks). I still hold a CDL. I still occasionally teach English online to Chinese speaking children. I have worked retail. There may be a few other sprinkling of things that I am forgetting. Who knows what the future holds?

In Conclusion

Life is always an adventure. I am looking forward to sharing the adventures of crafting and learning to live in a tin can with anyone who wants to listen. Prepping for retirement, running a small business, Rv living, the Etsy and website learning curve, and daily living routines are enough to keep me busy writing and sharing. Thanks for your interest. Please share and subscribe.

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